What Happens When Homeowners Skip HVAC Maintenance?

What Happens When Homeowners Skip HVAC Maintenance?

We get it. Your HVAC system is tucked away in its own closet, out of sight. Don’t let it become out of mind, too! Heating and cooling keep your family comfortable throughout the year, and it can be easy to ignore your systems when they’re working correctly. The second something goes wrong, though, you’ll be calling for help and wishing you’d known sooner as you dig through your drawer for a sweater.

To keep you in check, here are some things that could happen if you don’t keep up with routine HVAC maintenance.

You Breathe Less-than Easy

Leaving your systems to collect dust is a sure-fire way to decrease air quality in your home. Over time, the built-up grime works its way into the system, pumping out air that will negatively impact family members’ health with allergies and asthma.

Common contaminants you could be breathing in include:

  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Mildew

Even worse, when unmaintained, condensate drains can become clogged and create the perfect living conditions for mold, which creates potentially more dangerous and costly issues to solve. A routine air duct cleaning is one way to keep your family healthy with good, clean air.

Your Home Could Be At Risk

More than your air quality could be at stake with a neglected system. Combining fuel and electricity is dangerous, and gas line leaks or bad electrical wiring can create quite the fire hazard. Dirty or even cracked venting systems can increase the chance of a carbon monoxide leak.

Thankfully, HVAC technicians know what to look for in an inspection to ensure everything is secure, correctly wired, and that your family is not only safe but comfortable in your home.

Your System is Inefficient

If you’re avoiding yearly inspections, you are missing out on having a top-performing HVAC system. A poorly maintained system will always work overtime to get your house cool or warm, causing energy bills to go up.

More often than not, a technician can solve an inefficient system issue with something as simple as a gas pressure fix! After a quick, hassle-free check-up, you’ll be saving energy and staying comfortable for months.

You Run the Risk of Costly Repairs

Imagine having to call in an expert in the middle of a terrible heat wave or cold front, having to wait two days for a part to come in, only to find out this problem could’ve been avoided if discovered five months ago! Systems never quit working when it’s convenient for you. As things go unnoticed, they can contribute to problems with other parts of your home, like leaks that cause water damage.

A properly lubricated, pressured, and overall repaired system is under less stress, extending its lifespan and keeping out of the way of the rest of your home. Joining a maintenance service guarantees two tune-ups per year and allows technicians to detect potential issues and fix them before they end up becoming substantial repair jobs that run you a large bill.

When Something Does Go Wrong, You're Lost

Another benefit of joining a maintenance service that may not be as obvious is familiarity. Getting to know your technician through bi-annual check-ups is a great way to provide peace of mind when it comes to your HVAC system. You want to feel safe and know that your home is in good hands. Your technician will get to know your system, allowing them to spot even the slightest change and creating a more comfortable environment for your family.

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