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In general, we recommend getting your devices regularly maintained, so there are slim chances of malfunction. Contact Us Today for Furnace Repair in Brenham, Bryan, College Station, Navasota, TX, and Surrounding Areas. However, there are certain signs your furnace shows in times of emergency repair:

  • The Thermostat
  • Pilot Light
  • Filters
  • Sounds from the blower belt
  • Any cracks in the heat exchanger
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This is probably one of the most common problems that cause a furnace to malfunction. A foolproof way to check for a malfunctioning thermostat is to look at the fan. If the fan continuously runs without cycling, it’s probably because of a defective thermostat.

Pilot Light

The pilot light is essential in checking the furnace’s well-being. If the light is turning yellow or any other discoloration occurs, it probably means that there’s excess use of carbon monoxide in the furnace, and it needs repair. Any discoloration in the pilot light will need an immediate technician’s visit.


Dirty and clogged filters will reduce your furnace’s efficiency by limiting their intake. If they’re left clogged for a long time, this can also aid in damaging the limit switch, which regulates the blower. If damaged, the limit switch will result in a professional repair.

You can just swap out your filters once every quarter or get them regularly maintained to avoid this.


Suppose you notice rattling, pinging, popping, squealing, or out-of-the-ordinary sounds. In that case, it is probably because of a frayed blower belt which is a part of a motor that ensures the fan’s running in a furnace. Whenever you observe your furnace making loud noises, it’s better to get it checked.

Heat Exchanger

Clogged filters can also aid in cracking the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger keeps the warming flame separate from the air and enables the furnace to work smoothly. If the heat exchanger cracks, this will be an expensive repair to all the common furnace repairs.

With regular maintenance of all your devices, you can increase the efficiency of your devices and prolong their lifespan, all the while avoiding any emergency repairs.

Are Furnace Repairs Expensive?

Although it depends on the type of repair, some extensive repairs can be pricey. At Superior Air Repair, however, we provide a firm and affordable quote. We do not overcharge our customers just because we provide service outside of office hours. We are a 24 hours emergency service company providing all sorts of HVAC services.

So, if you are ever in need of a furnace repair service or maintenance or tune-up services, please call us at (979) 775-8700 or schedule an appointment by visiting our website.

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