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If your heat pump isn’t working correctly, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. As HVAC professionals we always check the system carefully, clean vital components, and calibrate the thermostat for accuracy and efficiency during heat pump repair. Contact Us Today for Heat Pump Repair in Bryan, College Station, Navasota, TX, and Surrounding Areas.

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Signs That Your Heat Pump Has To Be Repaired, Using Troubleshooting Recommendations:

If the heat pump does not run:

  • Ensure the thermostat is at the correct temperature
  • Check if the heat pump is powered up
  • Ensure the power switch is switched on if the heat pump is linked to one
  • The circuit breakers or fuses protecting the heating elements may have tripped or blown

If the heat pump isn't heating or cooling properly:

  • Raise the thermostat by 5° Fahrenheit and wait a few minutes for the heat pump to turn on
  • Make sure that the room’s heating registers are open
  • Check and replace the heat pump filter twice a year
  • Clean the exterior condensing unit’s coils

If the heat pump freezes up or trips the breaker:

  • Turn off the heat pump if the condenser unit does not melt the ice
  • Ensure none of the return-air registers are obstructed, then inspect the filter for clogging
  • If the heat pump’s electricity goes out, keep in mind that most heat pumps contain auxiliary heating components that give heat when the weather gets freezing, and the heat pump’s efficiency falls
  • Identify and reset the circuit breaker that supplies the heat pump

If the blower on the heat pump is broken:

  • Check whether the fan switch has been switched ON- on the thermostat. If that’s the case, set it to OFF or Auto.
  • The limit switch on the heat pump must be modified if it is currently set to OFF or AUTO.

If the heat pump cycles incorrectly:

  • Clean or replace the filter if necessary
  • If the thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, check it
  • Check the thermostat’s heat anticipator

If the noises from the heat pump are unusual:

  • Turn off the machine; the motor’s bearings are most likely worn out
  • If the heat pump makes rattling noises, double-check that the cover panels are securely fastened
  • You may install flexible insulating ductwork between the heat pump and the ductwork

Should You Repair Or Replace The Heat Pump?

This is a question that every homeowner faces at some point. The solution, however, will be different for each home and set of circumstances.

If more than one of these conditions applies to your heat pump, you should consider repairing it:

  • The fix is relatively inexpensive and straightforward
  • This is the first time you’ll need to get something fixed
  • The unit is between the ages of 10 and 15 years old

If more than one of these conditions applies to your heat pump, you should consider replacing it:

  • Repair costs are expensive
  • Repairs have been done before
  • The heat pump is more than fifteen years old

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Call us when you discover a problem so we can schedule a heat pump repair in Bryan, TX, as quickly as possible. With Superior Air Repair’s assistance, you can ensure that your heating and ductless HVAC systems is constantly comfortable and efficient. We have a great staff of NATE-certified technicians that are some of the top HVAC repair professionals in the region, and we also provide emergency furnace service in College Station.

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