How to Properly Care for My AC Unit

How to Properly Care for My AC Unit

It can get really hot living in Texas during the summer. The thermometer can pass the 100-degree mark for weeks at a time. The local climate makes an efficient cooling system a necessity. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that you take good care of your air conditioner so that you don’t have to worry about having it give out on the hottest day of the summer. There are several steps you can take to properly care for your AC so that it takes care of you.

Change Your Filter

The filter inside your HVAC system is intended to protect the inner workings from dust and debris. If the filter gets too dirty, it can partially block the airflow to your system and make it work harder. Over time, this can wear out the components of your AC and cause the entire system to wear out well before the end of its estimated useful life. Most are relatively cheap, and many come with a recommendation to install a new filter every month. More expensive filters might come with a longer recommended useful life. If you have pets in your home or family members who have problems with allergies, you might want to change them out more frequently.

Get Frequent Maintenance

Calling a professional to schedule a maintenance appointment is an important practice that can help your unit last longer. A tech can inspect the major components of your system and see if they need to be replaced. If they are near the end of their useful life, a quick AC repair could help you get another summer out of your unit and put off a larger repair bill.

Check For Leaks

If your unit is not cooling as efficiently as it once did, you might want to have your tech check the system for a leak. When your system is leaking coolant, it will run for hours and without ever reaching your desired temperature. Additionally, when your AC runs for hours without stopping, it can freeze up. When this happens, it will not blow cold air at all, and you’ll need to turn on the fan for a while to get it to thaw out. This will increase the temperature in your home and can make for an uncomfortable afternoon. Have the technician find and repair the leak before topping off the system with coolant.

Clean Around the Outside Unit

Your AC has an outside condenser unit that releases hot air from inside your home. If the outdoor coils are blocked, it can keep the refrigerant from properly cooling. This can cause your system to work too hard and break down prematurely. You’ll want to clean any debris that starts to build up around your outside unit. Additionally, vines can start to grow up around the unit, and you’ll want to remove these.

Superior Air Repair Can Help

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