Is a Maintenance Plan a Good Idea?

Is a Maintenance Plan a Good Idea?

Before committing to any HVAC program, it is good to ask yourself what you will get in return. Thousands of companies out there want to get you as a paying customer. They will make promises to deliver A-list services. Some will do that; some will not. So, what exactly do you get for signing up to a maintenance plan?

Superior Air Repair offers a maintenance plan in the form of a membership plan. They call it the Comfort Club. You get priority service at their centers. These are the main benefits of a maintenance plan. These are the common ones among service centers.

You Can Keep The Cost Constant

The cost of maintaining an HVAC system can fluctuate from time to time. The most common things that people spend on include regular inspection, diagnostic services, repairs, and replacement. If the system is regularly inspected, problems can be rectified before they become a concern.

When you subscribe to a membership program such as Comfort Club, you know the cost of each item. If you maintain a scheduled maintenance plan, you can easily keep a fixed budget for every function. If you keep calling a new company every time you have a problem, they will charge you differently.

They will also charge you more every time because they don’t know where to look. For example, if the provider replaces your filters, it will be the last thing they check.

It Catches Repairs Early

There is nothing more important than finding a repair on your HVAC before something major happens. It will save you a fortune and a headache. When systems fail, they often come with a baggage of replacements. Furthermore, maintenance plans offer preventive diagnostics. The idea is to maintain the system in pristine conditions.

Consumables are replaced on time, screws are fastened, ducts and filters are cleaned, clogs cleared, and many other things. Everything is done at the right time.

Reduces Costly Emergency Repairs

As systems are abandoned, they often fail at a time you least expect. You have to spend a fortune on expensive emergency repairs. If you don’t have money at that time, you may need to borrow, which will add more costs to your bills.

When you have a maintenance plan, you will not be tempted to skip a scheduled plan. Your overall risk of system failure is reduced. You will avoid that dreaded midnight call to an emergency repair company.

Ensures That Your Warranty Remains Active

Most warranties are voided by failure to honor a regular maintenance protocol. You can avoid all that by simply signing into a maintenance plan in your area. This is where we come into play.

If you believe our Comfort Club membership looks like a good fit, remember it is a great way to keep your systems up and running especially during critical times. Feel free to call us here at Superior Air Repair at (979) 775-8700.