Spooky Things You’ll Find in Your Air Ducts

Spooky Things You’ll Find in Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts and the air that runs through them shouldn’t be scary, but the things you may find within them can be.

These spooky things and creatures may be lurking in your HVAC system.


This may be one of the scariest things you’ll find in your air ducts, mold. Moldy air ducts can contaminate the air flowing throughout your home.

One way to ensure your home’s air is clean and safe is by getting your ducts cleaned. This should be performed to your home every 5-7 years to maintain good indoor air quality.


Dust is another contributor to your indoor air quality. If you look around your home, especially at your air vents, you will realize how much dust collects.

Daily there are dust particles being pushed throughout your HVAC system, and although your filter can capture these particles, it can’t capture them all if not properly changed.

For reference, you should be changing your air filters at least every 3 months.


Mice and rats are some of the most common types of animals you can find throughout your air ducts.

They may be found scurrying in the ducts or within your home’s attic. Since they are able to squeeze through small spaces, they can get in through the smallest gaps in your home or system.

They are dangerous because of their love to chew. They can chew on wires, your ductwork and more. Also, their droppings can spread toxins into the air that flows throughout your home.

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