How To Know If My Ducts Need Cleaning?

Cleaning Your air ducts is necessary to maintain your HVAC system, but you don’t need to include this chore on your yearly spring cleaning to-do list. AC contractor in Bryan advise cleaning your air ducts every three to five years unless you notice any apparent issues.

Signs That The Ducts Need To Be Cleaned:

Dust And Debris Have Clogged The Vents And Ducts

The presence of a puff of dust when the HVAC system first turns on is probably a definite indication that the air ducts are dirty. Therefore, visible dust indicates dusty air registers and requires the best AC service in College Station.

Your Air Filters Clog Up

If you frequently need to replace your heating and cooling filters, this might be a sign of a more significant issue. The filters capture dust, debris, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne contaminants.

Foul Odor Coming From The Ducts

The air ducts in your home may source an unpleasant odor. A technician of AC repair in College Station can also check the ducts for any potential odor sources.

Erratic or Inadequate Air Flow in The Home

Vents provide consistent airflow, so the quality of the air inside and outside should be the same. Ask an expert of AC repair to check that all your home’s vents are clear of dust and debris.

Infestation of Rodents, Insects, And Other Vermin in Your Air Ducts

Another indication that you should clean your ducts is a pest infestation in your home. Serious health issues can be brought on by bacteria, viruses, vermin dander, and insect droppings.

Your House Quickly Fills With Dust

It becomes even more serious if you keep finding dust and dirt in your house despite cleaning it. It shows dust is being blown onto the surfaces, probably from the HVAC system.

You're Paying More Than Usual For Heating or Cooling

The furnace and air conditioner will use more energy to keep the thermostat settings. High bills are a direct result of the extra energy.

There Are No Records of Previous Duct Cleaning

Find a technician to inspect and clean the air duct if you live in an old house and cannot recall the last time you cleaned it.

Unusual And Strange Noises

You are undoubtedly familiar with your home’s HVAC system’s sound when operating if you have lived there for a while. Although it might be challenging to realize, your ductwork shouldn’t be noisy.

Your House Has Recently Undergone a Major Renovation or Construction

Following any remodeling, you should think about cleaning your air ducts. You would have drawn dust and debris into the ductwork unless the HVAC systems were turned off or covered throughout the renovations.

If you want to clean the air ducts, contact Superior Air Repair immediately to arrange a consultation with our knowledgeable technicians. Contact us to schedule an appointment with the best HVAC contractor in College Station, TX.