Join the Club: 3 Reasons to Join the Comfort Club Today

Join the Club: 3 Reasons to Join the Comfort Club Today

Regular HVAC maintenance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Keep your cool this summer with a money-saving Comfort Club membership from Superior Air Repair.

Here are three reasons to sign up today:

1. Maintenance Matters

Keeping up with regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your air conditioning unit working.

According to the US Department of Energy, “Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.” The department recommends getting regular professional maintenance of your filters, fins, and coils.

The same is true of your heating system. Rust, cracks, and clogged filters could build up silently, forcing your system to work hard and costing you money.

Our Comfort Club membership includes two yearly checkups of your unit.

2. Get Emergency Service When You Need It

A Texas heatwave is no time to lose your air conditioning. If you’re a Comfort Club member, you get emergency service the minute you call. We send a professional HVAC technician out to repair or replace your unit.

3. Save a Bundle

As a Comfort Club member, you can save on routine and emergency services. For a low monthly fee, you’ll get two precision tune-ups each year, guaranteed 24-hour service, and routine discounts of 10 to 25% on every service. You could make back the cost of club membership in just one service call.

Save Even More

Now, you can save even more money. We’re offering a free one-year Comfort Club membership with every duct cleaning service. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing our outstanding maintenance plan protects your system.

Call Us Today

Keeping cool during a Texas summer is easy with a Comfort Club membership. It’s also a great way to lower your energy use and save money. When you need air conditioning and HVAC repair, call Superior Air Repair. We’re reliable, professional, and proud of our customer service. Our outstanding reviews speak for themselves. Call us today at (979) 775-8700.